Over the life of a gasoline engine, deposits can build up in various areas throughout the fuel system, requiring higher-octane fuels to maintain proper performance. Pyroilâ„¢ Octane Treatment reduces the need for high-octane fuel while saving gas and cleaning the fuel system, removing power-robbing deposits and restoring lost performance. Plus, the zero VOC formula contains no harmful solvents and can be used with all grades of gasoline.

  • Contains no harmful solvents
  • Can be used with all grades of gasoline
  • Helps reduce the need for high octane gasoline
  • Helps remove power robbing deposits
  • Helps maintain new car performance
  • Safe for fuel injectors, catalytic converters & oxygen sensors

How to Use:

What do octane ratings mean?
Octane rating is a measurement of fuel’s knock resistance. Knocking or pinging occurs when the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber ignites too early. The higher octane rating, the more compression the fuel can withstand without igniting prematurely.

Pyroil Octane Treatment

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