Employing a powerful blend of non-chlorinated solvents, Pyroilâ„¢ Parts Cleaner is formulated to blast away deposits on brakes, carburetors and throttle body assemblies safely, effectively and quickly.

  • Removes gum, varnish, sludge, carbon deposits, brake fluid, oil & brake dust instantly
  • Use directly on pads, linings & other friction parts
  • Cleans carburetors, chokes, PCV valves & throttle linkages
  • Safe for oxygen sensors, catalytic convertors & electrically-controlled carburetors
  • Dries leaving no residue
  • Ultra low VOC formula
  • 50 state compliant (excludes SCAQMD)
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents

How to Use:

Use in well-ventilated, open areas. Simply hold can upright 4-6 inches from part and spray. Use the attached extension tube for hard to reach areas.

Why do carburetors and throttle bodies need to be cleaned?
Over time, the equipment can become coated with gum, varnish, carbon and dirt, which can become sticky, causing excessive oil consumption. Sluggish chokes and throttle linkages increase fuel usage and produce harmful emissions, while gummy throttle plates and linkages can result in engine run-on.

Why do brake parts need to be cleaned?
Since brake systems are friction-based, brake dust tends to build up on brake parts, along with dirt and grime from the road. As one of the most vital components of your vehicle, regular maintenance is important to ensure safety and prolong the life of your brake system.

Pyroil Parts Cleaner

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