Premium quality power steering fluid, specially formulated with additives designed to prevent leakage and eliminate squealing under severe conditions. Pyroilâ„¢ Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak revitalizes seals and o-rings that have shrunk, hardened and become brittle over time, expanding them to their original size, while maintaining the strength of the seal.

  • Meets OEM requirements
  • Keeps seals & o-rings pliable
  • Helps maintain efficiency & performance
  • Helps prevent leakage
  • Reduces squealing under severe conditions
  • Prevents corrosion, oxidation & wear
  • Will not clog or foam
  • For year-round use
  • Not recommended for use in Honda or Acura vehicles

How to Use:

Just add to your power steering fluid reservoir to help stop leaks and seepage. Do not overfill.

How does power steering fluid work?
Power steering is a hydraulic system that allows the driver to turn the vehicle’s wheels with minimum effort. The power steering fluid multiplies the torque you apply to the steering wheel and transfers it to the steering gear, which then turns the wheels.

How often should I check my power steering fluid?
It’s important to check your power steering fluid about once a month to see if your fluid level has dropped, which could indicate a leak.

Pyroil Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak

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