Formulated to deliver maximum starting power for both diesel and gasoline engines. Pyroilâ„¢ Starting Fluid contains the optimum ratio of ether to petroleum-based distillates, found through extensive testing in sub-zero temperatures, to provide a quick, smooth start in any weather.

Also effective on lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, motorcycles and more.

  • Starts engines quickly, reducing battery drain
  • Starts diesel or gasoline engines
  • Contains an upper cylinder lubricant
  • Fits diesel injector systems
  • Effective year-round, in all weather conditions

How to Use:

Use outdoors with adequate ventilation. Spray into air intake for 2-3 seconds (no more than 3 seconds). Then start the engine.

How does starting fluid work?
The ether in starting fluid ignites at lower temperatures than gasoline, which allows for quicker combustion and easier starts, while also reducing wear on starters.

Pyroil Starting Fluid

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